LARA, the LED-Assisted Rapid Assembly for Enlite POS, is the fastest and most effective assembly system for dry cleaners.

The latest innovation in dry cleaning software allows cleaners to improve assembly by up to 40% while minimizing human error, thanks to the visual cues provided by LARA itself.

LARA brings together some of the latest innovations in technology, including Cloud Connected Devices, Internet of Things, and distributed computing to dry cleaners, allowing your staff to assemble hundreds of garments in a fraction of the time.

Some of its advantages include:

Increase in productivity.

Simplified operations.

Reduced space needed for order assembly,

Modular and expandable depending on needs and business growth.

Reduced garment assembly times, labor cost, and human error.

Easy for your staff to adopt.

How does it work? 

  • Simply scan the heat seal barcode or enter the tag ID number.

  • A red light will flash to identify where you need to place the garment.

  • A green light will flash when you input the last garment of the order.

The LARA Software is sold in a kit that includes 1 rack of 20 LEDs. You can connect up to 5 kits for a total of 100 LEDs.