Enlite Webhook Configuration

Enlite supports passing Invoice data to third party systems through webhooks.  The webhook can be configured under Store Config -> System -> Hook (After Invoice Create):

    "overwrite_path": "/integration/webhook/export",
    "method": "export",
    "schema": "enlite10",
    "target": "https://any/webhook/url"

Sample Zapier Configuration for Integration to Google Sheets

Zapier is a universal platform for application integration, allowing you to take your data to other systems.  Follow these steps to configure a Zapier account to integrate Enlite with other applications:

  1. Create a free Zapier account here: https://zapier.com/
  2. Login and click "Make a Zap!"

  3. Select "Webhooks by Zapier"

  4. Select "Catch Hook" and then "Continue"

  5. Copy your "Custom Webhook URL" and use to configure Enlite (above), then "Continue"

  6. Using Enlite, go to "Reprint" -> Select an Invoice -> and click "Invoice Hook"

  7. Select "Test & Review" (expand "Find Data" to see the sample Invoice that was sent from Enlite to Zapier)

  8. Search for and select "Google Sheets" and select "Create Spreadsheet Row", then "Continue"

  9. Select the "Enlite-Zapier Export Sample" sheet and map all the desired fields

  10. Select "Test & Review" (verify that your test Invoice data has been added to the Google Sheet)

  11. Name your Zap and turn it on!