We are sure you’ve run into the frustrating question “why are my emails going to spam?” Every receiving Internet service Provider (ISP) is using different spam filtering techniques and some ISPs utilize some unpredictable and creative ways of combating spam.

Here is some guide to improve  email deliverability and how to avoid spam filters.

1. Remove inactive contacts

        You should regularly remove addresses associated with email accounts that don’t appear to be active. If someone hasn’t opened your emails in a long time, Internet service providers will consider your mail “unwanted” and deliver it to the spam folder

2. Focus on good and engaging content.

3. Review your signup process and try to think like a subscriber

         To ensure that your emails get this privileged treatment, ask your subscribers to whitelist your emails by adding your “From” address to their contacts or list of safe senders.

4.  Send more targeted and personalized emails.

        If your emails sound like they were written hastily, that can be a red flag for spam filters.

5. Sending frequency

        Another reason behind you might be flagged as spam is that you might not have an appropriate schedule for your emails.Try NOT to send e-mails to your customers at inconvenient times. Also, as you get to know your audience's taste, you can set an email sending frequency.

A good email service provider does the hard work for you and gives you the tools and platform you need to successfully deliver email. Keep in mind that your primary focus should be to maintain a healthy list of contacts, send content they truly want, engage your contacts.