We are very excited to announce you that, in January we will be launching to the app stores a new update of your customer's app and web portal. Amongst some new features and fixes, it includes a new design for a clear interface and a modern look. It will also allow us to offer you a better customization of the look and feel, adapted to your branding.

For the web portal, we can now also adjust the primary and secondary colors. You can request it by sending an email to Support.



Most of these new tools that we developed can be activated on demand. You need to contact Support in order to get more information about them and request them if you are interested, by writting an email to help@darkpos.com, or chatting with us through our website enlitepos.com.

1. In-app payments: We are now able to integrate with Apple Pay and Google Pay for your customers to process payments on their own with their debit or credit card. Once integrated, they will see this button in their home screen.


When they tap on it, it will open a modal to select the orders that they want to pay, and process the payment.



We have different customization settings for the in-app payments setup. If you'd like to know more about it, please contact Support.

2. Choose Regular Route. We can enable this through a setting, for your customers to be able on the registration process or profile information, if they are assigned to more than one route, to decide to which route they want to be regular (regularly scheduled visits).


Besides the above described, we launched some other minor fixes and features. If you have any inquiries, please contact Support!