Hi !

This email is to let you know that we'll be launching a new release (Version 3.0.12) of the customer's app and the web portal in the next days, which includes some new features. Please review it carefully, and if you need any changes or request any of the optional settings, contact support@darkpos.com with your request.


1. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

When signing up, customers will be forced to agree to your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It will be also available in the User Profile, with a button to Cancel Account if they don't agree. This is required by law in some states of the US and foreign countries, specially in the European Union.

By default, those Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will be the ones listed in Dark's website. If you want to change them for your own, please send us the link to your website in which you have them.

They will show up in these three screen:

a. Login (can be hidden):

b. Registration: Customer must hit this checkbox to continue, or hit "Cancel"

c. User Profile (can be hidden): The user will have the "Legal" section to read your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and also delete their account.

2. Company field

We incorporated a new field in the registration and User Profile for the customer to enter their Company name. This field is optional for the user. It's not mandatory.

3. Order confirmation message

When a new order is created, the app will show a confirmation message in the middle of the home screen, that won't disappear until the user hits "Ok", or hits another part of the screen.

4. Discounts added to Promos page

Until now, you could only add fixed coupons, now you will be able to add percentage discounts. Your customers will be able to see them only, not apply them.

You can add them in the Back Office, Settings, Discount Setup, by adding a "MOBILE:" suffix to the discount you want to display in the app. If you need support, please reach out.


If you want to have any of these settings activated in your store, plase contact Support:

5. Promos notice:

You can display a notice on top of the promos.

6. Menu in Login Page

Now, we can display some links to your website in the Login page. They can work for Useful Information, Pricing, How It Works, basically whatever you want to place there, that you want your potential customer to know, even before registering or logging in.

7. Menu in Home Page

We can also add a menu with different links to your website in the Home page of your app. Example: Pricing, Services.

8. Increase or Decrease the size of the logo in the home page

If needed, we can make the logo bigger or smaller, along with the whole color box.

9. Warning when disabling the notifications

Customers have, by default, Email and SMS notifications enabled. If they disable any of those, we can place a warning advicing them against disabling them. The warning text can be customized.

10. Other fixes and enhancements.

If you need more information about what's coming in this new release or assistance with anything, our Support Team will be glad to assist.