About CardConnect

CardConnect is a leading provider of payment processing and technology solutions, helping more than 230,000 organizations accept billions of dollars in card transactions each year. Since 2006, we’ve been busy developing an advanced payments platform backed by best-in-class security features. We are pleased to partner with Dark POS to bring seamlessly integrated payment processing to the software you already know and love. CardConnect was acquired by First Data in 2017 and is now part of Fiserv.



Benefits of CardConnect

  • Affordable and Transparent Pricing
  • Online and In-Person Payment Acceptance
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Transaction Management and Reporting
  • Next Day Funding
  • Intelligent Tokenization
  • PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption


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How to Get Started With CardConnect

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Available Equipment and Solutions

Whether you want to accept payments in-person or online, CardConnect has a simple and secure solution to fit the needs of your business.


CardConnect’s Bolt solution makes it simple for merchants to integrate secure payment devices into their business management software. This cloud-based solution streamlines the payment acceptance process and secures transactions with a powerful combination of PCI-Validated point-to-point encryption and tokenization. 






CardConnect’s Hosted iFrame Tokenizer integrates directly within your website, providing a secure field for customers to input payment information. Data is immediately tokenized, keeping confidential information out of your existing web environment and secure within CardConnect’s vault.


Need help with your payment hardware or account?

Email: isvhelpdesk@cardconnect.com

Phone: 484.581.7693

Hours: 8:30am-6:30pm EST

After-Hours Support: 

877.948.9733 (option 2 > option 2)