If you own more than one store, as an Owner, you can switch between them to view reports or manage data. ONLY the Owner role can swap between stores. All other roles will need a separate account created at each store.


1. From the Main Menu select the Office button.



2. On the Back Office Menu select the Store Swap button.



3. A modal will appear with a drop-down that lists all your stores. Select the one that you wish to change to. In this case, we are selecting Lite Cleaners



4. Once you have selected the store you wish to change to, all the stations in that store will load. Select the station you wish to change to. If you will be entering transactions during the business day we highly recommend that you have an Admin Station at each store so your transactions don’t interfere with any open cashier sessions. If you need an Admin Station created, please contact support@darkpos.com



5. After selecting the station, you will be taken to the Main Menu of the store you selected, at the station you selected.


After working, we advise that you switch back to the physical store  where you physically are to avoid confusion.