Regularly, the locker orders process works this way:


1. The order is created by the customer at the locker and registered from the customer app

2. The driver picks up the order and takes it to the store to be serviced.

3. The driver drops off the order at the locker and the customer receives a notification.

4. The customer picks up their clean garments.


Sometimes you may need to put an order created in Enlite in the locker, because a customer who walked in at the store requested it, or someone called instead of using the app, and this is the way you can handle it.

1. Create the order.

You can either create a new order from the "Mobile Orders" section, Customer Walk-In, or just open an existing order that you want to assign to a locker, on the Invoice Detail Screen.


2. Click "Notes/Options"

Click this button on the top-right corner of your Invoice Detail screen.

3. Select the locker location

You will see a "Locker Location" field. You just need to display it and select the location where the order is or will be dropped off.

All new items that you add after selecting the locker will be under the locker price level, if you have different price levels associated with locker locations. The prices of already existing items won't change, so you will need to remove them and add them back if there's any price level change.

Example: One12 Courtland Apartments has a price level different from Harvard

Items added after selecting One12 Courtland Apartments:


Items added after selecting Harvard:

Remember to save the orders after any changes have been made.

That's it! The order will now show in the driver up under the locker location and the driver will be able to retrieve it.


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