When running a route in the driver's app and trying to add an invoice or a stop to a route, sometimes it may happen that you won't find that invoice or customer. That's probably because of any of the settings that you have enabled. In this article, we'll try to cover up all the different scenarios and what's the work-around for each of them. If you don't find the response to your concern here, please contact support@darkpos.com, or hit the chat button in the bottom right corner of this screen, and we'll assist.


1. Reasons why you can't find the customer in the route

1.1 Doble check that the customer is assigned to the route

If when opening a route, you can't find a customer you think it's assigned to it, please first doble check that the customer is indeed assigned to the route. You can do that in the system, in the customer profile, Customer Routes.

Suggested solution: If they are not assigned to the route, you can either assign them there or create a One Time Stop in the app.

1.2 Check Stop Filters

The Stop filters are built to help you "clean" the list to not see customers you regularly don't want to visit.

When having enabled the "Remove Empty Stops (No Invoices)" one, it will hide all those customers that don't have any invoice open. So if customer Carol Danvers Apps doesn't have any open invoices and we have that filter enabled, even when added to the route, we won't find her.

Suggested Solution: You can click on the "person icon" that's used for adding One Time Stops, but instead of just creating a One Time Stop, you will hit on "+Invoice" to create an invoice for that person and be able to add them to the route.

When having enabled the "Remove Invalid Stops (Bad Address)" filter, the app will hide all those stop pertaining to customers who don't have a valid address, or it has missing information like zip code, city, etc. When having that filter disabled, you will see those stops in red.

Suggested solution: Temporarily disable the "Remove Invalid Stops" filter, click in the customer's stop and hit the Pencil (Edit) icon.

Then, correct the customer's address information and enable the filter back.

2. Reasons why you can't add an invoice to the route

When scanning or tryinng to add an open invoice of a customer who is assigned to a route, but the invoice is not showing up, it might be due to either of the following "Invoice Filters":

2.1 "Invoices Due Today" and "Invoices Past Due"

When enabling these filters you will only see those invoices whose due date is today or was the days before, respectively. You won't be able to add invoices that their due date is in future dates. You can always check the due date of each invoice in the POS, Mobile Orders section or Pick and Pay.

If you want to be able to add invoices that are due for future days, just disable these filters.

2.2 "Racked Invoices"

When enabling that filter, you'll only see invoices that have been racked. If you are not racking invoices or you want to be able to add invoices that haven't been racked, please disable this filter.

2.3 "Paid Invoices"

This filter will allow you to add only invoices that have been previously paid. So you can't deliver unpaid invoices. If you want to be able to deliver unpaid invoices, please disable this filter.