When running a route, you may like to categorize and highlight your stops according to different parameters: the area where the customer lives, customers who require special attention or different services, etc. That's why we created the "Stop Color" feature, that will help you or your driver to have a better visual and organize your route according to what you want.

Note: this feature won't affect or change how the app runs the route. This is only for the driver to have a better visual.


There are two ways of changing or applying the stop color:

1. From Enlite:

You have to go to Customer Walk-In look for the customer, and hit "Customer Routes".

You will find a "Stop Color" modal in the top-right, in which you can enter either the color name (i.e. red, yellow, green, magenta, etc) or the hex code (#ffffff, #4g23sw)

Please keep into consideration that the color will be applied to all the stops of the routes in which the customer is assigned.

For example, if a customer is assigned to the Monday, Friday and Thursday routes, the driver will see that color for the customer's stop in those three routes. It will be the same color everywhere.

Where to see it:

In Enlite, you will be able to see the color of the stop in two other sections (not change them):

a) Mobile Orders

b) Routes (Back Office)

2. From Enlite Routes:

You have to: 

a) Tap the customer's name on the route

b) Hit the pencil (Edit) icon next to the customer's name.

c) On the bottom of that "Edit Customer" page, you will find the "Stop color" field. You can enter either the color name or the hex code and save.

When having the route opened, you can also edit it when arriving to a customer's stop by hitting the edit button and scrolling down to the "Edit Customer" section.

Where to see it:

In the app, the driver will see the color of each stop next to the customer's name.

The will also see the stops colors in the map, either in the Overview or the Navigation.

Also, when they hit "Arrived", they will see the stop icon with the stop color

In the "List View", they will find it this way:

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@darkpos.com, and we'll be happy to assist.