Setting up prices 

  1. Please complete the Price list excel template provided by our Team.
  2. We suggest having no more than 27 categories and no more than 9 items per category, if possible. This will help your team be more efficient when detailing invoices.



Importing customer list

  1. Use the customer list excel template provided by our Team to fill all your Customer Info details.
  2. Try to add the most current and accurate data into the template.
  3. Avoid having records of customer you have not seen in the last 3 years. You’ll thank us later!



Setting up printers

  1. Please confirm your models are supported by Enlite POS.
  2. If you’re buying new hardware, there is a list of suggestions our Team can send you before you make your decision.
  3. Make sure the printers’ drivers are installed and everything is correctly connected to your computer(s).
  4. Download AnyDesk so we can work remotely on your computer. (This will be helpful in the future, for Training, fixing issues, checking processes with you, etc.). Click here to download
  5. Schedule a Printers Setup Session with one of our Customer Support agents.
  6. During the call, we will make sure that everything prints correctly and that all your requirements regarding printouts are covered.
  7. If there are changes to be made, a time frame will be discussed according to what needs to be modified.



Integrating payment solution

  1. Check the list of payment processors we support: Click here
  2. Please confirm who you will use for payment processing.
  3. We will then ask you to get a couple of details from your payment processor so we can complete the integration.
  4. Schedule a Payment Integration call with one of our Customer Support agents.
  5. We’ll test with you and you’ll be READY FOR TRAINING




  1. Decide who will receive training and the best day and time for our call.
  2. We will have up to 3 1-hour sessions that we like to divide into:
    1. Front office 
    2. Back office
    3. Specific questions and doubts regarding the System


We can already send the Front Office Training as soon as we have received the price list or customer list 

Your Training session will be scheduled once the first 4 steps above have been completed.