Creating a Customer to use with the Mobile Application

To use the Enlite Mobile app, a customer must be registered to your store. This means they must have a valid email address tied to their account in the store.  In Pic 1 we have our customer, Din MClay. If you need assistance creating a new customer, view our tutorial here.

When you, as an owner or employee create this test customer, it is important that you don’t use the same email that you use for your Owner or Employee account.

Once the email is created we are ready to sign in as a customer from the Enlite Mobile application.

Pic 1

Obtaining the Mobile App

The first step is to download and install the Enlite Mobile app to your phone or tablet. Simply search “Enlite” in the Play or iTunes store for Android and iOS, respectively, then select Enlite Mobile. Or use the following links to install the applications:




Signing into the Enlite Mobile App

The sign-in process to the mobile application happens in 2 steps. When the application is first opened, the user will be prompted to enter their email address. In this case, the user will enter the email that they were registered with at the store (Pic2). When we registered the customer in Pic1, we used the email, “” so that is what we enter on this screen. Then press the Login button.



Once the email has been submitted, the customer will immediately be emailed a Verification Code to the email that was submitted (Pic3).


Enter the Verification Code that was sent to the email when prompted by the application (Pic4). Then press the Verify button.



Welcome to the Enlite Mobile App

Once the customer code has been verified the customer will be dropped into your store on the Enlite Mobile App (Pic5). The customer needs to go through this sign-in process one time. However, if they log out of the application on their phones, they will have to authenticate again. Security is important because the application allows storing credit cards and making payments, so the secure sign-in process cannot be skipped.

Pic 5