1. Start by Downloading AnyDesk

Go to https://anydesk.com/download , the download will initiate automatically. When ready, open and install the application.

2. Install AnyDesk

Once the application is open, click on the option that says Install AnyDesk on this computer…

3. Accept & Install

On the next screen, push the Accept & Install button

4. Go to New Connection Tab

On the following screen, select the New Connection tab

5. Set Password

On the New Connection tab, click the Set Password for unattended access option.

Password: Darkpos1

6. Enable Unattended Access

On the following screen, click the Enable unattended access checkbox


7. Enter Password

On the following screen enter your password. Please use something you will remember and that you can send to Dark because we will be using this password to access your computer.


8. Interactive Access - Allow Always

Next, in the Interactive Access section, click on Always Allow


9. Provide AnyDesk Address to Dark Representative

Finally, please email your AnyDesk address (shown below) and the password you entered on step 7 to the Dark representative that emailed you this guide.