Thank you for choosing EnlitePOS

If you're working with Windows, please follow the next steps to download the EnlitePOS App.


1. Go to


2. Once you're shown the different options, click on the latest version for your operating system.

3. A window will open asking you to save a "WinRAR ZIP archive". Save it on your Desktop


4. The file will start downloading. Wait until is's finished and click on it when it's done


5. A window like this one will pop up. Double-click on the EnlitePOS-v10.0.5-win.exe file


6. It will start initiating... showing something like this:


7. The EnlitePOS App will open, login, and you're good to go!!!


*** If the window opens on your whole screen, you can click on "Window" => "Toggle Full Screen", and you're going to be able to work on other programs or apps.