Locker orders are a growing trend in the laundry and dry cleaning industry, as they offer a convenient and secure way for customers to deliver and pick up their garments. Customers can drop off and pick up their orders at their best convenience, without any time limits.

Enlite can work with two types of lockers: non-smart and smart lockers.

  • Non-smart lockers don't require any internet connection and the order input is manual on the application. There's no specific provider required.
  • Smart lockers need an internet connection in place and work in an automated way. The final user will just present a QR code that's provided by the app to the locker, and, if it's a new drop-off, the locker will open an empty box. If it's a pick-up, the driver will automatically open the box where the user's order was placed by the driver. Enlite works with a specific locker provider. For more information, please contact

In this article, we will unveil the process for non-smart locker orders.

A quick guide to the process flow

Keep in mind that this process is still under development and observation, so a few things may be different when consulting this article. Our support team will help you and train you along the whole setup and is willing to respond to any questions. Please email for further consultation.


1. Customer signs up

The customer must register or log in to the mobile app or web portal.


2. Customer drops the order

The customer must enter the locker room, drop their garments in an empty box, then open the "Locker" screen in the app, enter locker ID, number of pieces, and Special Instructions, and submit the order.

For more details about how the end user must enter their order, and their point of view, please check this article:

3. Driver picks up

When the customer creates the order the store receives an email with the order details. The ticket notes will show in which location and locker the order was dropped off.

On the driver app, the driver will see the locker locations as stops, highlighted with a locker icon. On the route, the driver will see the orders under the locker stop and there's no need to open the customer stop with the invoice.

For more on how to pick up and deliver locker orders in the driver app, please open this article: