Watch this video on YouTube with timestamps in the description for ease of navigation. If you prefer to read how to use the Enlite Mobile App, please continue with the article below.

The Enlite Mobile app is available to your customers so that you can bring your services to their fingertips. The Enlite Mobile allows customers to:

  1. View orders and their status
  2. View Promos
  3. Register Credit Cards and pay for orders
  4. Schedule Pickups

Please Note: Your store must be configured to make use of the mobile app. If you wish to use the Enlite Mobile app, please contact and request it. We will assist you with the configuration.

  1.  Downloading Enlite Mobile
    To download the Enlite Mobile app, your customers simply search for it in the Google Play or iTunes app stores and install it.

  2.  Logging into the app
    To login to the application, your customer must enter their email address. This email address must be registered to that customer in your store. This can happen when the customer first comes into the store, you can register their email address in their customer record, as illustrated in pic 2.1. The other option is to have the customer register in your store’s online customer portal. The customer portal must be configured by DarkPOS Support. If you prefer this method, please contact

    If the customer is registered, when they first open the app, they will be prompted for their email address. Your customer enters their email and presses the Login button (Pic 2.2).

    Pic 2.1 

    Pic 2.2 

Verification Code

For security purposes, after pressing the Login button, the customer will be emailed a verification code (Pic 3.1). The verification may also be sent via SMS or both Email and SMS, just let the DarkPOS support team which method(s) you prefer.


Your customer enters that verification code when prompted and press the Verify button. This process only happens one-time, unless the customer intentionally logs out of the application. If they logout, they will have to authenticate again. This process is not optional as the app manages payment information and requires authentication for security.


Pic 3.1Pic 3.2

4. Selecting the Store

If the customer is a member of more than one store, they will be prompted to select which store they want to access from a drop-down menu (Pic 4.1). They select their store and press the Login button (Pic 4.2)


Pic 4.1Pic 4.2

5. Home Screen

The Home screen of the application shows the customer a small summary of their most important information. These are the elements of the Home screen (Pic 5.1):


A. Store Information: This panel shows the Store Name, Logo, Address, and Contact Information. Tapping on the email or phone number will allow the customer to take those actions on their phone. Also, once you click the drop-down, the store information will show up. The send button is also available. See (Pic 5.2)

B. Pay Order Button: Tapping on the Pay Order will allow you to process the payment using credit card (if registered) google pay or apple pay.

C. Schedule Pick-Up: This allows the user to schedule a pickup with the store.

D. Navigation Bar: This is a persistent navigation bar throughout the app that allows the customer to move between the different sections.


Pic 5.1Pic 5.2


6. Orders
The orders section displays your customer's orders. Note that this section has filters that will show Open/All Orders and Dates to filter to a specific time period.

Pic 6.1

7. Order Details
If the customer taps on an order in the list, it will show the details for that order (Pic 7.1). The details include key dates regarding the order as well as the pieces that were worked and all the pricing and payments. The send message, cancel order and pay order button is also available.

Pic 7.1

8.  Promos

The Promo section lists all the store’s available promotions. It also shows the customer the Loyalty Points they have accumulated if your store runs a Loyalty/Membership points program. Finally, it also shows the customer their rank. This is calculated by the total amount of sales each customer has with your store. The customer who has spent the most at your store will be rank 1, and so on down the line until the customers that have spent the least. Either or both can be hidden if you wish. Currently, there isn’t a way for the customer to apply promotions to their orders directly from the mobile app. It will only list the promos.


Pic 8.19. Profile
The profile section allows customers to manage their information. In Pic 9.1 you can see that customer can edit their name, email, phone number, and address. Any changes made from this section will also be reflected in the Enlite application at the store.

Pic 9.1Scrolling down a little reveals a few more preferences the customer can edit (Pic 9.2). Here customers can determine what notifications they receive by toggling them on or off. They can set their default starch level for their orders. They can also select the delivery service. They can also share the app by having a QR code.

Pic 9.2


Finally, the customer can also save a credit card with which to pay orders in the application by tapping on the “HERE” link (Pic 9.3).

Pic 9.3

10. Saving Credit Cards
The app will prompt the customer to enter their credit card information. The required fields may vary depending on your payment processor.



11. Scheduling a Pick-Up
If the customer taps the Schedule Pick-Up button on the Home screen, they will be taken to a screen where they can request a pickup. This screen may vary depending on your configuration. We have multiple presentations of this screen and you can view them here ( THe Schedule Pick-Up option requires configuration, so if you have the application and don’t see a schedule Pick-Up button, there are a few prerequisites:


- The Pickup Schedule option must be configured, if it has not been configured, please contact
- The customer must be assigned to a route


In this version of the Schedule Pick-Up screen (Pic 11.1), the customer may enter the number of items/pieces they have for pickup and specify notes or special instructions. Note that the customer can see the days the route runs, in the pic below the route runs daily but only the days specified for the route will appear so the customer knows when to expect pickup.


Pic 11.1

When the customer enters the number of pieces, the Schedule Pick-Up button becomes enabled so they can submit the order. The Notes field is optional.


Pic 11.2When the customer presses the Schedule Pick-Up button, it submits the order and will be visible for the store in the Enlite application. For the store to work. The customer will receive a confirmation that the order was created successfully (Pic 11.3).


Pic 11.3