When using Enlite Routes App, you will find many tools that you can customize to adapt the app to your business needs. Here's a guide on how to use them.

You'll find all the settings you can apply, in this tools button, after logging in to the app.

The settings are categorized into:

  1. General
  2. Navigation
  3. Actions
  4. Route Filters
  5. Stop Filters
  6. Invoice Filters
  7. Customer Notifications
  8. Hardware


These settings apply to the general functioning of the app

    1.2 Mode: The app has two illumination inputs, for the user's convenience: light and dark.

    1.2 Enhanced Marker Overlay: This is used to display special icons on our Points of Interest. To learn more about this setting, please visit Enlite Routes: Using the Enhanced Marker Overlay.

    1.3 Customer Signature Capture: 

1.4 Employee Timecard

Registers the time of the employee. The time will start after the driver opens the route. 


These are en-route settings.

2.1 Turn-by-Turn Navigation

It shows this button that when tapping on it prompts the navigation app (Maps or Waze) that will guide the driver through the route.

2.2 Navigation provider

You can choose the app that will assist you with the navigation, either Google Maps or Waze. It also depends if you have them installed in your device.

2.3 GPS Settings

It provides more detail on the maps when navigating. Works best in Android devices.


3.1 Auto-Select Booked Orders

When opening the route with this setting enabled, the app will automatically select the orders that have the "Booked" status. The driver can select other invoices manually.

3.2 Auto-Select Past Due Orders

This filter will select automatically all orders that had a past due date and haven't been delivered yet.

3.3 Auto-Select Regular Customers

This feature will select automatically all the customers that have been marked as "Regular" in the Routes section of the POS.

This repeat icon indicates that the customer has "regular stop".

3.4 Auto-Advance Route Stops

With this enabled, when the driver marks "Done" after having delivered/picked up the invoices at one stop, the app will automatically take him/her to the next stop.

3.5 Auto-Close Picked Invoices

With this setting enabled, all orders marked as picked will be automatically closed. NOTE: This is only if you want to use the orders created from Customer App to schedule the Pick-Up, then that order will be closed and you have to open another one for the same customer at the POS. If you are not following up this process in your store, PLEASE DON NOT ENABLE IT.

3.6 Quick Action Buttons

When enabling it, you'll see these buttons on the route:

In the first one, the driver can register a new order without having to enter to the stop.

The second one (checkbox) will automatically mark the invoices of that customer to the next status. For example, the "Booked" ones will be marked as "Picked up" and the "Out for delivery" will go to "Delivered".

3.7 New Order Default Status

With this filter, you'll be able to decide which status will have by default all the orders created from the driver's app. We recommend "Picked Up" because generally the driver will create the orden when being at the customer's place.


The driver can choose which routes does he/she want to see.

4.1 All Drivers

When enabled, the driver will see all the routes assigned to all drivers. When disabled, they will only see the ones they are assigned to.

4.2 Only Today

When enabled, the driver will see only the routes for that day. When disabled, they will see all days routes.

4.1 Optimization Location

The driver can choose where to start and end the route. They can use the device location, or type a starting and an ending address. 


5.1 Group Stops

This setting is for stores that have many customers with the same address or master account. For example a company with 30 employees. They can be grouped under the same stop, so the driver will see one stop instead of 30. "Child accounts" will group all child accounts under a master one, and "Common address", will group all the accounts that have the same address. IMPORTANT: If the address is not typed exactly the same in one account than in the others, this setting won't work for that one in specific.

You can also group the stops by company.

5.2 Remove Empty Stops (No Invoices)

With this setting, the driver will only see stops that have one or more open invoices. Stops with 0 invoices will be hidden.

5.3 Remove bad addresses

When enabled, the route won't add customers whose stops have no address or the app doesn't recognize them (they may have been written wrong). When disabled, stops with wrong addresses will be seen in red, with a message on top of the screen that says "Not all coordinates have been found".


6.1 Invoices Due Today

When enabling this filter, the drivers won't be able to see invoices due another time than today.

6.2 Include Past Due

With this one, the drivers will see the invoices that are past due.

6.3 Racked Invoices

With this filter enabled the driver will only see the invoices that were racked in the system.

6.4 Paid Invoices

This setting will hide the unpaid invoices, so the driver will be only able to deliver paid invoices.


These settings will allow the driver to choose when and what notifications will be sent to the customer automatically. These notifications are sent via email and sms if they have them registered.

To get to know better the automated notifications, what do they say and when are they sent, please read this article

7.1 Send Notifications
The driver can choose when will Enlite send the notification: if during the route or after it's closed.

7.2 Driver En Route

This notification lets customer know that the driver is on the route and he/she will get to their place.

7.3 Order Delivered

It will confirm the customer that their order was delivered, with the order number.

7.4 Order Picked Up

It will confirm the customer that their order was picked up, with the order number.


8.1 Barcode Scanner

For scanning invoices, the driver can choose if he/she wants to use the phone camera or an external scanner connected by Bluetooth.

8.2 Bluetooth Printer

The app can send printouts to a Bluetooth printer. It needs to be paired up with the device first.


9.1 Enable Event Logging

This setting is enabled if there is an issue. It helps our development team to see the root cause of the issue by facilitating access to the logs. 

9.2. Enable Connectivity Monitor

This is essential in checking connectivity issues to wifi or GPS.

White/Grey indicates connection.

Red indicates an issue with the connection.